Welcome to MABetterBreathing.org

The goal of the Massachusetts Community Health Centers’ Asthma Educators Collaborative is to provide a forum – a place for sharing — for all healthcare providers devoted to helping patients and their families manage asthma.

Across our state, many medical providers at community health centers have devoted themselves to teaching the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed by persons living with asthma. We are nurses, medical assistants, community health workers, case managers, and others. The purpose of our collaborative is to facilitate our work as asthma educators. There are special needs unique to our population of patients who are living with asthma and special challenges to us as asthma educators in teaching about asthma and its management. Many of these challenges we share in common at our various practice sites, with the opportunity to learn from and share with one another. Our Collaborative is meant to bring us together in this shared purpose, and this website is a mechanism for this interaction despite our physical dispersion at multiple sites across the state.

To create this Collaborative, Partners Asthma Center has partnered with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and its Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund, the Boston Public Health Commission, the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, the Neighborhood Health Plan, and the Health Resources in Action . Most importantly, we wish to partner with you and your Community Health Center.

Together, we can share our good ideas and useful resources; identify needs for new information and teaching materials; link together through e-mail addresses and other contact information; post opportunities for learning about asthma; create discussion groups; participate in webinars; and, overall, come together as a community of community health center asthma educators.

Come join us.


1. Please join us for our next MACHCAEC WebEx: 

Date: Monday, June 27, 2022, at noon

Topic: PREPARE Study; Successfully Reducing Asthma Attacks and Improving Asthma Control in Black and Latinx Adults with Moderate-Severe Asthma, 

Presented by: Juan Carlos Cardet, M.D., University of South Florida

Dear Colleagues,

As we acknowledge how difficult the last 18 months have been, we also want to recognize the opportunities that allowed us to re-establish a new and better normal. Emerging from this unprecedented pandemic, we are thankful that it has allowed us to come back stronger, better, and with a renewed commitment to equity, justice, and to our fellow man. Let us continue to find those common connections of humanity so we may always be the best versions of ourselves.

We are in the homestretch of this pandemic. Be vigilant and reach out should you need us.
Be well, stay safe, and remain connected virtually….and soon, in person once more!

We are stronger Together!